You would think that a professional sawyer would be willing to mill every tree he could as soon as possible. After all, that's how he stays in business.

Ethically, I take the stance that if the tree must come down, it should not be wasted. I believe we are stewards of what God has entrusted to us. I believe we owe it to Him not to waste our gifts (natural resources, talents, etc.). We Americans can be very wasteful, thinking only of convenience. Cutting down a healthy three-foot diameter Oak tree and hauling it to the dump is a waste of maybe 1000 board feet.

Concerning log quality, the longer a tree grows, the more high grade lumber it produces. The highest grades are produced in the outer part of the log, after it has grown over the knots of branches it no longer needs. So sometimes, it's best to wait to take the tree down.

What about the issue of using wood to burn? Many people I've met think of trees primarily as potential firewood;       forgeting all the other uses of trees. If   you enjoy a nice crackling fire (and who doesn't), there's plenty of firewood available in branches and upper parts of the tree. Don't dice up the trunk - that's where the valuable lumber is! (see the product idea page!)

So our slogan addresses our ethical concern and the facts of lumber quality.

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