Here are some of the things my customers have made from their logs:

Furniture -Tables, chairs, desks, beds    

Flooring - Hardwood floors, decking    

Fencing - Rails, posts, stakes

Framing Lumber - 2x4's to 2x12's, beams  

Turning Stock - Bowls, bedposts, decoys  

Cabinetry - Cabinets, mantles, paneling  

Crafts - Clocks, lamps, wooden neckties, plaques  

Industrial Uses -Trailer decking, forest mats, truck bed liners, pallets    

Resawing - Pilings, telephone poles, oversized beams  

Other ideas include boats, musical instuments

Educational Demonstrations Given - Schools, clubs  

Lumber Broker - Looking for something unique (Black Walnut stumps, Persimmon, Black Locust, Red Cedar)? Call or email me!


Attention: Freshly-cut ("green") lumber cannot be immediately used indoors. It takes an appropriate amount of time to dry, based on several factors. Most of my customers air-dry their lumber before using it.

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